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StratHERgies LLC. for Organizations

Solutions at the Intersection of Work & Life


Developing Authentic Leaders and Teams to Drive Positive Sustainable Change

Who We Are

Based in New York's Capital Region, StratHERgies LLC. is an Executive Leadership Development consultancy that works with current and aspiring C-Suite managers on setting strategy, developing goals, teambuilding, and retreat facilitation to establish or enhance a healthy & productive workplace culture.


What We Do

StraHERgies for Organizations


Partner with StraHERgies to Establish/Enhance Team Connectivity Through:

  • The development of a strategy to build team connectivity.

  • Strategic and operational planning

  • Developmental workshops Including

    • Values Identification & Employee Buy-in

    • Vision Statement Creation

    • Mission Statement Development and Strategic Alignment

    • Understanding Organizational Politics & Culture (for new executives)

    • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    • The Playbook For Work-Life Integration

    • Topics by Design

  • Team retreat facilitation


Partner with StraHERgies to Provide Individualized Developmental Offerings for Executives and Managers Through:

  • Developmental workshops (i.e., Increasing self-awareness, emotional intelligence and expanding empathic abilities, Onboarding for longevity, Work-Life Integration, Crisis leadership, and more designed based on need)

  • Creating connections to effectively lead teams and drive results

  • 360-degree feedback review, leadership development planning, strengths assessment

  • Creating your team's values, vision, or mission statement

  • Executive retreat facilitation

  • Executive one on one strategy sessions

  • Individual and team coaching


Why Work With Us

A new generation of CEO’s and leaders are finding creative solutions to talent retention that integrates models of mental, physical, and emotional wellness at work. The shift to centering employee wellbeing has had a positive impact on organizational wealth building. According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, “In a study published by PwC, initiatives and programs that fostered a resilient and mentally healthy workplace returned $2.30 for every dollar spent with the return coming in the form of lower health care costs, higher productivity, lower absenteeism, and decreased turnover.”  StratHERgies’ CEO, Dr. Shai Butler has spent more than half of her twenty-five years in higher education in the C-suite where she has coached, mentored, and sponsored managers and executives. She has spoken nationally on topics related to navigating organizational politics, values and purpose alignment, overcoming perfectionism & imposter syndrome, and more. Her new memoir, Better. Not Perfect-From Hot Mess to Life Success is a roadmap of healing for recovering perfectionists.

Services, Packages & Pricing:

Contact Dr. Shai Butler using the "Let's Connect" form below and we will respond within 24 hours to arrange a complimentary 20-minute phone call.

Clients, Trainings & Workshops

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