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My Story

Dr. Shai L. Butler is an author, speaker, and higher education executive with over twenty-five years of experience that includes over a decade in the C-Suite. She has recently pivoted to launch her new career as the Founder and CEO of StraHERgies LLC, an Executive Leadership Development consultancy that works with current and aspiring C-Suite managers on setting strategy, developing goals, teambuilding, and retreat facilitation to establish or enhance a healthy & productive workplace culture. In this capacity she engages in what she calls purpose positioning by working as a career/life strategist who guides women and all professionals through career, education and life decisions that are rooted in core values and strategy by design. When defining purpose positioning she is often heard saying, “When you need guidance, call a coach. When you need therapy, call a counselor. When you need a plan, call Dr. Shai.”

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There comes a point in life when everyone must ask themselves, is the price of perfection worth the cost of contentment

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